• Funk

    Eyeplug gets funky with the strong rhythm and booty shaking sounds that always seem to hit the first beat in the…

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  • Rock

    Focusing on unique and non-generic exponents of guitar heroics, Eyeplug’s rock pages are a cliché-free zone, dissecting the classic and…

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  • Reggae

    Hear this – Ska, Rocksteady, Blue Beat, Dancehall, Dub, Roots, Steppas, Lovers, Bashment, Pop Reggae, Ragga and all fusion formats…

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  • Punk

    From Adam and the Ants to Zounds and back again, Eyeplug’s punk pages offer fresh prespective on the well-forked annals…

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  • Post-Punk

    Covering the most diverse and nebulous of musical subgenres in a suitably eclectic manner, Eyeplug’s post punk paradise recognises no…

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  • Industrial

    Venturing to where music impacts upon the foundry floor,  Eyeplug’s Industrial pages are a melting pot of white hot sounds…

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  • Glam

    Feel the noize! In addition to the usual selection of lurex legends, Eyeplug digs deep to discover long-forgotten gems of…

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  • Garage

    With specific emphasis on the UK and European garage rock scenes, Eyeplug unearths a rich seem of fuzzy nuggets and…

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  • Exotica

    Eyeplug journeys to the outer reaches of cult sounds to bring you dispatches from the heliosheath of popular culture –…

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  • DJs

    Eyeplug is keen to spotlight the sometimes unsung heroes (male and female) that are the engine room of music culture…

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  • Indie

    Eyeplug defines ‘Indie’ derived from Independent music as a term used to describe independence from major commercial record labels and…

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  • Modernist

    Mod (or, to use its full name, Modernism) is a lifestyle based around fashion, nightlife and music...

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