Juju – Apocalypse Is God’s Spoiler

New album on Sister 9 Recordings

Juju are back! Not only back with a new album, the first since 2021s ‘La Que Sabe’ , but it feels like they’re back exploring a similar sonic sphere to that explored previously, with a rejuvenated spirit and the return of the lush groove that drove ‘Our Mother Was A Plant’.

‘La Que Sabe’ was a colder darker affair, still with momentous tunes and still recognisably Juju but in a much more post-punk 80s style; now with ‘Apocalypse Is God’s Spoiler’ on Sister 9 Recordings we’re enticed back into the rich  fertile world of tribal rhythms and pulses overlaid with freak out fuzz guitar and those familiar celestial vocals underpinned by a punchy low end.

Typifying this feel are ‘Cosmic Fall’, a lush and steamy voodoo funk mantra which just…smokes! and ‘Black and White’ a krautrock flavoured stormer which comes across as a hymn to freedom and free thinking but with a hidden warning.

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‘Wild Life’ is another highlight – with a tangible sense of joyous abandon, determined to go out dancing and singing even though the world is spiralling out of control…if Prince had done apocalyptic fuzzed up psych-funk (and maybe he did?..) it might have sounded like this. The pulsating, driving single ‘Dead At 25’ and heavenly fuzzed up rocker ‘Bring U Smile’ are both set to become favourites and I’m already getting excited at the prospect of hearing this record performed in a live setting.

It’s not all back to roots familiarity though; there are two tracks, ‘Doomed Love’ and ‘Clear’, that are almost total departures. The former is crystal clear late night polished soul, while the latter a surreal dream falling away, hard to quantify or categorise. There is also an instrumental ’Saint vs Traitor’ that Is probably the most visionary and far reaching track they’ve given us yet.

As always with Juju meanings are enigmatic and down to the listener to interpret themselves. To me the whole album sounds positive and uplifting, almost devotional in places, deeply connected to the earth but wary of the modern rat race and the perils of the world around us. It’s never just been about tripping out and forgetting.  Juju’s music and vision is in a space and time all of its own with traditional psych rock elements twisted and invigorated with exotic rhythms and flourishes of new life and ideas.

‘Apocalypse Is God’s Spoiler’, for all it’s echoes of a  mystical past, is as good a soundtrack to current times as any –  enveloped in a shamanic pulsing trip, offering much needed sanctuary and escape.


It’s another great record in the series of Juju releases , rich in texture, varied and entertaining throughout, each of the 8 tracks has something special. (check out Herself as well for further Gioele Valenti visions). This one glows and lights up the dark – follow that light right NOW as Juju embark on a brief tour in the UK – dates here . They haven’t blessed our shores since 2019 so don’t miss out!


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