EYEPLUG: House Style Guidelines

Keen to contribute to Eyeplug? Good on yer. But before committing fingers to keys, please take a few moments to read and inwardly digest our house style guidelines:

  • All submissions should be sent by email as a Word attachment
  • Please use the title of your piece and your name as the filename (i.e. ‘The Smiths – Johnny Bedwetter’)
  • Please indicate the elected category(s) on the website that it should fall into. *This can be several
  • All copy should be presented in 12pt Times New Roman and the paragraph set to double spaced lines
  • Any associated images should be sent as separate attachments and not pasted into the body text at 600 pixels wide rgb jpeg only (72dpi)
  • Do not use bold, underlined, or capitalised text – if you wish to impart emphasis please use italics
  • Quotes should have double quotation marks – “thus”
  • Album titles should be italicised and specific song titles surrounded by single quotes, ‘Like This’
  • When citing specific bands, do not capitalise the definitive article (there are only two exceptions to this rule; The Who and The Clash)
  • Numbers of ten or less should be written as words, whereas larger numbers may be written numerically
  • If you are inserting your own text to a quote for clarity please use [squared brackets]
  • All secondary sources must be clearly credited
  • Hyphens should only be used to connect compound words (i.e. ex-lion-tamer), en dash (–) should be used in all other instances
  • The Editor reserves the right to edit (how he sees fit) an submissions regardless.
  • all content to:
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