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Eyeplug met Paul Moss - (G7) for a nice chat...

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Prior perception is often so wrong, especially when it comes to The Galileo 7. This Kentish quartet have now been kicking out keen psych-pop nuggets since 2010, over the course of 5 albums and several 45s, but vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Allan Crockford’s illustrious past and parallel present, as bassist with a roll call of the greatest British bands of the past 30+ years – The Prisoners, The James Taylor Quartet, The Prime Movers, The Solarflares, Graham Day & The Forefathers – seems to have, weirdly, done ’em no favours. Their latest LP, ‘There is Only Now’ is their best yet and out now!


We caught up with Bassist & Vocalist Paul Moss  – to chat about his musical life…

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01. At what age did you first take up your chosen Instrument and why?

I grew up in a home where musical instruments were as much a part of the household as chairs and tables. It was never a conscious choice just part of our environment.

02. What are your earliest memories and influences for you that got you started?

I first performed on stage at 4 years old, I have a memory of singing Beatles songs on a ukulele at the Winter Gardens in Margate at about 5 years old.

03. What was your first Instrument, where did you get it and how have you faired since in upgrades?

The drums were the first instrument that I had bought for me, I had my first proper bass drum for my 5th birthday – a Beverly. By the age of 12, I spent more time playing guitar and switched to bass at 21.

04. What is your current set up for live shows and how does that differ from work in the studio?

Usually, for live shows, it’s a Fender Jag Bass through an Ampeg SVT Pro 6 head and SVT410 cab. In the studio, I prefer to use with a Fender Jazz or Hofner Violin bass through an Ampeg PF 50T all-tube head and SVT 210 Cab.

05. Can you tell us how you technically shape your sound, what add-ons, bits of kit and tweaks do you make?

Just some compression.

06. Can you play more than one instrument and if so how well? Can you sing too?

I get by on guitar, drums and can scrape by on keys. I do sing, reluctantly.

07. You are currently working on the new G7 LP, can you tell us about the process and an average day in the studio?

Always a pleasant balance between hard work and jolly japes.

08. How do you go about developing the songs, the sound, and ideas that end up being used? What about out-takes?

For me it varies, sometimes there are definite parts and others it’s about contributing suggestions.

09. If money was no object, what would be your dream Instrument, set up and kit list?

I’ve always wanted a “Ringo” Ludwig kit. I always thought I wanted a Rickenbacker 4005 bass, until I tried one that I had the opportunity to buy back in 2006. It played and sounded horrible.

10. How do you feel about Vintage Kit? Do you ever include more Modern bits of Equipment in your work?

Vintage & Modern gear – Some of it is amazing, some of it is rubbish.

11. What advice would you give to new players and bands to save them years of pain?

Be yourself.

12. Can you end by talking about some of your own highs and lows and the journey to where you are now with the Band and new LP and tell us all why and how we should actually go and get a copy?

Highs are always the live work that we do. Lows are forgotten. Although once on tour in Belgium I put salt instead of sugar in my coffee, but through years of counselling, I’ve managed to piece my life back together.

‘There Is Only Now’ LP

The G7 New Album: There Is Only Now is Out Now!

Brand new album from Medway’s finest psych-beat combo!

Date: 2019 Release Format: Vinyl, CD, Download.
CD Album 12 tracks £9.99 Available 21 June 2019


The current band line up is:

Allan Crockford – vocals, guitar
Viv Bonsels – organ, vocals
Mole – drums, vocals
Paul Moss – bass, vocals


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