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White Canyon & The 5th Dimension 'Gardener's Of The Earth' LP

Brazilian duo Leo Gurdan and Gabriela Zaith  – White Canyon and the 5th Dimension – are back with album number three, this time presented on glorious green vinyl by Dublin based Fuzzed Up And Astromoon records.

The slow and gentle drone and guitar intro hints at the exotic and mystical treats to follow with the bass and drums deep and earthy as they are throughout the album. There’s a warm and lush feel to this record, something that wraps you up in its druggy arms and soothes you, opiated and organic. Underpinning the otherworldly cosmic connection psychedelia there’s a beautiful menace in the tribal drums and almost post punk Banshees-like bass and plenty of moments of thumping psych rock (typified by the thudding dark drive of ‘Howling Pines’ and the fuzzed up soaring ’Harsh Dawn’). The standard psych approach is ignored though – this album twists and turns in various directions while still keeping the overall flow and shamanic vibrations.

‘Fireflies Dance’ breaks on through to the other side of the claustrophobic haze with its jangly paisley underground vibe while ‘Black Holes’ has a darker acid western guitar twang evoking wide open spaces in the desert at dusk, night and mystery closing in. ‘Ancient Secrets Of Green Leaf‘ is different again – a reverb heavy witch cult dance, full of swirling horror film organs and sultry vocals, Link Wray and The Cramps summoning the old gods.


The vocals are shared between Leo and Gabriela; that duality… as above so below….seems present throughout the whole of the album; male and female, light and dark, the nature worship spirituality and the more direct psych stylings .

The trip ends with ‘Inner Outside’ and maintains the mystical feel of abstract psychedelia, music you can visualise and almost taste, that conjures up colours, smells, memories. There’s alchemy here, an enchanting glamour. I kept thinking of a grand sweeping Jodorowsky movie… surreal images flashing into the brain, hidden meanings and symbolism buried in the texture.

‘Gardeners Of The Earth’ is an intoxicating experience, the atmosphere heavy with magick and allure, hints and glimpses of occult meaning and significance. An irresistible invitation to lose yourself in the steamy exotic sounds, to participate in the dreamy escape. It’s an exploration of rich sonic landscapes,  designed to draw you in and seduce you. Don’t fight it, feel it…

Gary Powell, August 23

Fuzzed Up and Astromoon Bandcamp

White Canyon & The 5th Dimension Bandcamp

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