Whats is Eyeplug all about then?

Eyeplug Magazine is a multi-mood-machine for hip, open minded souls and lovers of quality things. We provide original articles and content througout each week, and readers can submit other feedback for inclusion. Eyeplug reserves the right to offend and entertain in equal measure!

How can I advertise?

We offer various methods for you to plug your records, events, products and so on, but we rely on paid adverts via our sponsors via our listings section. Prices are keen and fair and reflect the ‘in the know’ readership that we taget and aspire towards.

How can I contribute?

We are always eager to hear from potential new contributors. We do retain and adhere to a sort of ‘house’ style and also reserve the (100%) right to edit any articles or submissions in order to resemble and meet these criteria. This is to maintain quality control, content flow, and the correct tone of voice as it were. We are open minded, but we know what ‘fits’ Eyeplug and therfore also what probably does not. If you are an illustrator, artist, photographer or image maker of any kind, we offer a mutual swap promotion, wherein we feature and review your site/service/style in exchange for a few uses of your wonderful images. This is a prime example of how we wish to progress Eyeplug and grow together with like-minded souls.

What’s coming up soon?

We have tons of plans, ideas, schemes that we will be rolling out as time flows along, the best way to keep up to date is to bookmark us and join the mailing list.

Can I join your mailing list please?

Simply follow this link to the mailing list form and enter your correct details. You can read our privacy policy here to allay any concerns that you may have.

I want to publish my book?

Eyeplug Publishing was formed to assist in helping writers and authors to find a quick and easy way to get their often niché book projects to market. We can offer our total e-book service or a traditional publishing/marketing package, offer tips, feedback and guidance, from our heavily published and experienced Staff. Our deals are fair, transparent and balanced. if you feel that you may have a project that is worthy or ready, then please feel free to contact us for more information.

I want to get signed to your record label?

Eyeplug Records was formed to assist new bands to get their music out to a wider potential audience. if you feel that you have got what it takes, please feel free to contact us with your material/EPK and we will give it a 100% fair listen. If we like what we hear, then we can work out a possible bespoke plan to move forwards.

How can we work together mutually?

Eyeplug has been formed to be able to react and grow according to what offers or mutual projects may arrive at our doorstep. We have many years combined professional experience at the highest level, and are able to therefore provide a ready, willing and  fluid team, able to meet the demands of most projects. Again, please feel free to contact us with any ideas that you may have. We are all ears!

How can I get a review?

You must contact us firstly with an outline of your needs/prodcuct/event, and we can them work out the best format to include your needs into our framework.

I want to make a suggestion?

Absolutley, please feel free, simply use the contact system!

I want to make a complaint?

Well, we are not perfect, and cannot please everyone, see above!

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