After leaving school and deciding that work wasn't for me, I got my first record contract at 18 with my band Long Tall Shorty. This quickly went kaput, the contract that is, and we were left scrabbling around releasing records on small independant labels for a couple of years until salvation dropped into my lap. I bumped into my old associates, The Angelic Upstarts who had just lost their bass guitarist and I blagged my way into the job. They were doing pretty well with a big Emi contract and records getting into the lower reaches of the chart and the best bit of all, American Tours so I spent nearly 3 years doing nothing but making music and having a great time. After that all ended I did a few gigs here and there but it had lost it's magic so I just gave up playing for a few years. Eventually in 2000, I got a new version of Long Tall Shorty together and have been making records and touring in Europe and the UK ever since. I also play sessions for other artists several times a year and have been working lately with a fabulous singer-songwriter called Kiria who just released her first LP. The future for her looks very bright and it's great to see that after 30+ years of making music, there are still young artists with as much enthusiasm and commitment as I had, trying to make great music.
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