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  • 15 September: There is beauty in decline…Golden Hours s/t album - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    Golden Hours are heading out for a handful of live dates later this month coinciding with the second pressing of their debut self- titled LP on Fuzz Club, starting in the UK before heading for the EU. First album release it may be but this is no inexperienced band of musicians finding their feet; I …
  • 29 August: ‘Good Time’ with Daiistar - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    Fuzz Club records have diversified in recent years, building on their position as the main purveyors of dark psych/post punk and adding in a whole range of different sounds and styles while still staying faithful to the original vision, bands and followers. That journey into sound continues here with the debut album from Daiistar. Hearing …
  • 17 August: Living is easy when I close my eyes… - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    Brazilian duo Leo Gurdan and Gabriela Zaith  – White Canyon and the 5th Dimension – are back with album number three, this time presented on glorious green vinyl by Dublin based Fuzzed Up And Astromoon records. The slow and gentle drone and guitar intro hints at the exotic and mystical treats to follow with the …
  • 13 August: Frankie and the Witch Fingers: ‘Data Doom’ - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    Something is heading our way and it’s coming in fast, hard and slightly insane….’Data Doom’ by Frankie And The Witch Fingers is imminent and it will fry your brain in your head! It seems something or probably many things, have rattled their cages and wound them up and their response is this; a furious howl …
  • 10 August: Take a hit from ‘Nostalgia’s Glass’… - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    The Underground Youth have never done superficial and that hasn’t changed with latest release ‘Nostalgia’s Glass’, as always on the Fuzz Club label. Their previous album ‘The Falling’ went in a more gothic folk direction (it certainly divided opinion; personally, I thought it was a masterpiece) and this one hasn’t totally moved away from that …
  • 4 August: On tour with Helicon… - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    I’ve been going to see Helicon as often as I can since early 2018 but for various reasons thought this run of four dates was beyond me…until I got the very welcome offer to jump in the van with the band and keep them company on the road. I’ve spent many hours and covered many …
  • 19 July: Night Beats ‘Rajan’ - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    Danny Lee Blackwell is on righteous fire right now; hot on the heels of his Abraxas album ‘Monte Carlo’ and the last Night Beats offering ‘Outlaw R&B’ {and who can forget the absolute classic ‘That;s All You Got’ single that preceded it in 2020} he’s dropped this stunning and diverse collection. It’s bursting with a …
  • 19 March: Black Doldrums – Dead Awake album review - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    I’ve been keenly following the progress of Black Doldrums since first seeing them way down the bill at a psych fest in 2017; since then they have carved out a niche all of their own and picked up a committed live following. With their signing to psych/post punk big hitters Fuzz Club records and the …
  • 7 March: Eyeplug talks to The Fallen Leaves - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    You can expect a proper show, with sound, songs, and panache. There will be no T-shirts, no jeans and no cover versions. If you can imagine a cross between the early Who and The Ramones, you might get somewhere close.
  • 11 January: Eyeplug speaks to Johna Johnson about his Adam & The Ants Book - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    We recently caught up with Johna Johnson to talk about part one of his new book about what it was like following Adam & the Antz before they went Poptastic. It is called Blood, Sweat, Leather & Tears – The Original Adam & The Ants story 1977-80 (Part One) and is out via the Old Dog Books Publishers for …
  • 10 July: Review: Mike Golf Delta by Smiley People - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    George Clinton once said: ‘who said a funk band cant play rock music, who said a rock band cant play funky music’! Under his peacock ploomage, and serpentine musical heritage no-one would doubt George was anything but far-out. Further than Jupiter. Which leads me on to Mike Golf Delta by Smiley People,
  • 27 March: The Electric Stars: Velvet Elvis The Only Lover Left Alive LP - eyeplug.net/magazine – eyeplug.net/magazine
    I have to confess that The Electric Stars are a band I’ve not heard of at all, but I’m always up for some new music and it is often good to get nudged out of your complacent listening zone and try something different.

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