Akron/Family release new album – ‘< bmbz >‘

On this April’s Record Store Day, arch experimentalists Akron/Family released an experimental collaboration with kindred spirits based around S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT – on double LP only called < bmbz >. The project is an expansion of their new album, creating a redefinition of their original work, that bends and expands the songs into entirely different forms. In an artistic action that raises questions of what a ‘definitive’ release really is, < bmbz > offers a critique of the very nature of releasing music in the modern digital world.

The full < bmbz > track listing is:

1. Similar Harez

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2. Izlambalmz (Featuring Barrack2Mama)

3. Aa Away

4. Sayz It Gooz (Featuring Lebron Fames)

5. A Not Hurst Sky (Produced. by Puff Maddy)

6. Ligzt Merg (Featuring Drake)

7. Cast Radianz (Featuring. Dennis Rodman)

8. Tatsya (Featuring Tatsya)

9. Fuji Iiiiiiiiiiiiii

10. Fiji Iiiii (Heirloom Variety)

11. Cancantropy 

12. Cradian Bet (Featuring Eye)

13. Creatorz (Featuring Masta P)

14. Cashanet (Produced by Brian Eno)

15. Fujidub Globetrotter

16. Millionsopy (Featuring Charles Barkley)

17. Phanophy (Featuring Keef Jarret)

18. Isaldamom 

19. Anferny High (Featuring Zack Morris)

20. Foogee IsalaciI 

21. Sill E Barez (Heya Remix)

22. Fugee Unodos (Featuring Tres Songz)

23. Spray A Paintz (Featuring Jean-Michelle Basquiat)

24. Boo Lee I 

 25. Seethy Glares (Featuring Trey-Z)


The band is also streaming the entire < bmbz > double album on their own Family Tree Records BANDCAMP PAGE right now. If you’re still curious as to what exactly this project is, there’s a full explanation of the genesis of the project straight from Akron/Family via their website

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