Mohair Sweets reviewed by Scenester

Mohair Sweets

You Better Read Before You Sign (CD Mohair #01)

Sandwiched in between the wheezy grind of the hurdy-gurdy, an unsettling narrative about a vicious murderer,  and peppered with piano tinkling and ghostly skip-rope whipping, we’re treated to two slices of dirty, fuzzy blues of a distinctly late 60’s strain in ‘You Better Read Before You Sign’ and ‘The Green Light’. With a voice that’s sounds like it’s had more than its fair share of trouble, the title track’s sage advice is laid down over a classic supporting cast of troubled keyboard wash, subtle drum and sweet and sour lead guitar, the latter supplying a lead out solo that wrenches out every fibre of resentment and regret it can find. Close on this track’s worn down heels, ‘The Green Light’ leaps in, a full throated vocal declaiming over an 18-wheeler of a riff that doesn’t let up, even in the mean-faced lead breaks.


Scenester lives in London and Brighton, as time allows. Enjoys music, film, television, books, design and anything else which won’t leave well alone. Old enough to know better.

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