The Libertines’ Gary Powell launches new label – 25 Hour Convenience

Libertines’ drummer Gary Powell has formed his own record label, 25 Hour Convenience and announced details regarding a trio of summer releases.

As a means of outlining the label’s inclusive ethos, Powell issued the following statement:

The music scene as it stands today is in major state of upheaval. The movers and the shakers are showing their true colours by either moving with the times creatively and environmentally, or like dinosaurs; awaiting the inevitable meteorite that will end their existence in this new plane of reality.

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Yet with this knowledge what has really changed in the industry? Have people stopped communicating their feelings and ideas via the idiom of music? Are they seeking other forms of enjoyment with less of an emotional content and overall dynamic result?

In a word, no.

But the method of receiving new music needs to be drastically re-thought.

OK, I am not trying to re-design the wheel but I am trying to give another option with reference to ascertaining new music – and should it be genre specific? What now? in a period of time of the ‘mash-up’, artists collaborating with each other from different musical back grounds, yes; the industry may be in a state of ill repair, but the creative need is still there, for whatever reason we need to be able to create, hear, replicate, donate on an artistic level that most record industry execs do not understand. This is not number crunching. Music is a complete level of communication on its own that should be acknowledged and appreciated for what it is.

Beyond comparison.

Anyone pursuing a career – or just making music for the hell of it should be applauded for throwing themselves into the lion’s den of iniquity, and supported in their endeavours; for if other musicians are not gonna be there to show support, then we are truly doomed.

At 25 HCR, music is music, is music. Whatever the genre, as long as it is heartfelt, emotional, dynamic, relevant – hell all music is relevant because all music has the means to move somebody somewhere – anywhere.

Remember one thing, I listen to everything and I would be doing myself a disservice if I approached having my own label any other way. So come one, come all.

Listen to something new, hell if you don’t like it treat it as a lesson learned. If you want to tell me why you don’t like it – please do. If you appreciate it then I want to hear from you all the same!

This is all about conveniently giving you the opportunity to check out new music, to give the artist the chance to get their music out there to a wider audience than they might ordinarily, and for me to share my joy of music with as many people as possible.

Come check us out, we are open 25 hours a day.

25 Hour Convenience’s summer schedule of releases includes:

8 August – Matt Acheson ‘Monkeyland’ single release

The release of ‘Monkeyland’ is the first collaboration between Acheson and 25 Hour Convenience Store. Acheson provided his vocals and co-produced this dubstep-influenced cover of the 80’s classic, bringing The Chameleons’ masterpiece bass-kicking and synth-screaming into the next millennium. Much is planned following this single campaign, starting with an EP of original material due for release this autumn.

15 August – Jeye T Telescopic Eye EP release

Hailing from Glasgow and a huge fan of Nirvana and Oasis, Jeye T has recently finished recording his first EP, Telescopic Eye, under the ever watchful eye of messier producer Jon Moon (Amy Winehouse, Kings Of Leon) and Gary Powell himself.

22 August – Black Einstein ‘Common Ground’ single release

 Black Einstein (AKA Colin Emmanuel) is an old dog of hip hop and a lover of the art of ‘lyrical flow’. B.E.’s approach to music harks back to the time of the Native Tongues, Mark the 45 King, Queen Latifah, The Jungle Brothers, etc – all making music that would define an era that would then spawn so many variations.  In short, B.E.’s approach is fresh, punchy and imaginative and he can be considered a leader, not a follower.

Talking of the label and its emerging roster of talent, Powell said;

It has been a leap of faith for me to step into the arena as a label boss. When I set up 25 Hour Convenience it was in the hope that I could make as much of a change as one person can with respect to the artist getting the platform they deserve. I’ve been inspired by the number of incredibly talented artists I see that find it hard to get heard. The label’s ethos leans itself to not only championing the artist, but assisting in their overall development. I can’t wait to see the reaction that these 3 artists get when their releases drop.

Check out these new releases HERE

25 Hour Convenience Store Site

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