Brain Killer – New Album, US Tour

Boston punks Brain Killer take their chops from Discharge, their politics from Crass, their graphic influence from Flux Of Pink Indians, and their love of hardcore noise from Japanese crust punk. 

Every Actual State Is Corrupt is one of the finest, fiercest, most functional punk rock records of the year thus far. Reflecting the symbolic violence Pierre Bordieu places at the epicentre of über-capitalist system failure, Brain Killer’s habitus is the very anomie originally theorized by Emile Durkheim back in 1897. Occupying a compatible aural channel to Chicago’s Raw Nerve, Brain Killer’s songs are as aggressive as their titles: ‘So Much Hate’, ‘Consumers’, ‘Breakout’, ‘Resist Control’, ‘Freedom?’, ‘The Cure’, ‘Crucify’, ‘What’s Your Excuse?’, ‘No Escape’, ‘Bigger Problems’, ‘What Is Survival?’

Another indispensable release from Deranged Records. Mandatory.

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Brain Killer – US Tour 2011:

11 June – Brooklyn, NY, 

15 June – East Hampton, MA, 

16 June – Hartford, CT, 

17 June – New Brunswick, NJ, 

18 June – Pittsburgh, PA, 

19 June – Columbus, OH, 

20 June – Chicago, IL, 

21 June – Grand Rapids, MI, 

22 June – Rochester, NY, 

23 June – Burlington, VT

Deranged Records

Simon Morgan

Punk rocker, folk strummer, baby social worker, and parent, Simon Morgan is a polymath. He has brought you many things in his time – as Jean Encoule he created the legendary trakMARX website, but has now stepped from behind his alter ego to reveal his true, vibrant colours. Despite having gone prematurely orange, he maintains a youthful open-mindedness, which he combines with his vast experience and ready wit. His debut solo album, Domestic Abuse is now available. “Spirit/Is Life/It flows through/The death of me/ Endlessly/Like a River/ Unafraid/Of Becoming/The sea.” (Gregory Corso)

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