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JOANovARC – First UK Female Band To Feature On The  ‘Rockband’ Xbox 360!
Supported by Gibson – recently reviewed in Kerrang Magazine by Andrew WK!

Sam – Lead vocals / Bass
Shelley – Lead guitar / Vocals
Laura – Rhythm guitar / Vocals
Debbie – Drums

The girls hail from London and the Home Counties and have built up their strong musicianship and strong representation of women in rock through performances worldwide. JOANovARC have combined influences from Motorhead, Metallica, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Led Zepplin, the Foo fighters and Kings of Leon to create their own unique sound.

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JOANovARC have performed worldwide – in the USA, Mediterranean, the Caribbean and have extensively toured Europe. They have performed at the Harley Davidson European Biker Festival in Austria; the Harley Chopper Show in Slovakia; Germany Army bases and have electrified audiences in the UK with venues including the London Astoria; Cafe de Paris; the Garage; Barfly and the O2 Indigo. The girls have played at festivals including the Florida Music Festival, Rhythms of the World, Namfest, Fordham Festival, Brighton Pride, Go Go Festival, Cambridge Rock, BMF Biker Festival Peterbough arena and many more. They have also supported Girl School, Top Loader, Marillion and Bad Company’s Dave Colwell.

JOANovARC have downloads available on iTunes and now have a live album available for purchase at their up and coming shows. Check out

01 How did you get started in music?

Well, my Dad plays guitar, so he taught me and my sister (Shell) when we were very young plus he got us listening to his epic vinyl collection that consisted of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, the Who, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones and many more woodstock legends! We also studied music at college, so all in all Shell and I had a great start with music.

02 Where did your direction come from?

As I said before our Dad was a big influence plus we listened to all the great rock legends, learning their songs and doing our ground work by playing cover gigs up to 5 nights a week. Also our drummer Debs had studied at Drum Tech in london and had a lot of experience in performing too.

03 Who were your major influences and inspirations and who do you despise?

The bands influences are Led Zepplin, Hendrix, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Joan Jett and many more. I wouldn’t say we despise anyone but are disappointed with the direction music has taken in the UK. Its become so manufactured and fake. Its too much about reality TV shows and not enough about live rock music. I think our Dad had the best the era of music.

04 What inspires you to make your current type of songs and sound?

It depends on whats going on in our lives at the time. Its usually something or someone that hurts us or something that we just feel strongly about whether it makes us sad, angry, or happy!

05 What can someone who has never seen you live before expect from your live shows then & possibly even now?

Expect 4 wild females onstage that perform with passion and lots and lots of energy! Also expect Shelley to play the guitar with her teeth!

06 How do you begin your songs? What types of themes and subjects do you deal with?

Usually I will come up with a melody or lyrics and then we jam the idea in the rehearsal room. Sometimes Laura and Shelley bring songs to the rehearsal room too. We write about the music industry, relationships, people we have met along our journey, controlling people, people who have hurt us, people we have lost. Like I said it all depends on what’s happening at the time.

07 How did your music evolved since you first began playing?

We started off recording bedroom demos and performing at tiny pub gigs and over time turned into a big rocking stage act. Me and my sister first started performing as a duo and our music grew from there.

08 What has been your biggest challenge? Were you been able to overcome this? If so, how?

Our biggest challenge was working hard over the years to get known for being a great live band and being taken seriously. Thankfully we are known in the music industry now but initially we weren’t taken seriously until we were seen live. You would think being female would be a positive aspect of the band but sometimes it has made it harder. We have had to work twice as hard but it’s been worth it.

09 Do you play covers? If you could pick any song, which would you like to cover most and why?

Yes we do! We know a lot of cover songs. Its important to learn covers. Its a great way of learning your trade from bands that took the same path. ‘Freebird’ That’s an epic song and a lot of fun to play!

10 Where did you envisage being in five years time?

Well our main goal is to work with a top producer that brings the best out of our music, sell millions of records and tour full time. That’s every musicians dream and hopefully it will come true one day!

11 Who would you most like to record with?

A hit record producer of course, but if you mean an artist, that would be difficult to say as there are so many great artists! We would love to record with Brian May (Queen) he is a legend!!!

12 What should we be expecting from you in the near future?

We are booked for tours in Holland, Rome and Israel, recording and performing at many festivals this year. So keep an eye on the website! We are supporting the famous Slade at the Robin 2 Venue in Wolverhampton! We are also being filmed at the Peterborough Arena so we expect to be releasing a live DVD. We also have a new live studio album to be released and will hopefully be signing with a record label this year who recently approached the band. This will all be announced on the website! So a very exciting year ahead!

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