The Art of Modern Slot Machines

How the design of slot machines attracts patrons:

Slot machines have a secret as to why they remain the most popular attractions in casinos all over the world. That secret is the slot machines’ attractive artwork drawn on their exterior cabinets and reels. Because of the unique and eye-catching designs on each machine, slots continue to attract millions of casino-goers all over the world and they eventually became the most important assets in a casino. According to Zenit, slot machines garner around 80% of casino revenues from all over the world.

Indeed, the artwork of slots is so important since it is the initial drive the pulls people toward the machines. The intricate artwork creates some sort of connection to people that in turn makes them want to try playing slot machines.

“How the imagery is represented on the game — the colors, the graphics — is important to the experience,” said Joe Sigrist, vice president of product management for slot machine developer International Game Technology. “And, obviously, you want to connote fun, you want to connote winning, you want to connote the brand that’s being supported.”

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The more people can relate to slot machine artwork, the better. Slot machines that are stationed in Asia would be better off having Asian-themed games. For example, IGT’s Four Great Chinese Beauties would be a great choice or perhaps symbols that connote luck on the reels like a red envelope or golden coin would definitely attract casino-goers who tend tap on superstitions. On the other hand, Betfair Arcade’s Rainbow Riches that feature a 4-leaf clover, a leprechaun, or a pot of gold artwork can be popular in the US and European shores since these symbols are considered lucky in both regions. The nearness of culture is one way of attracting people and themes that resonate with the players are extremely important. The key has always been making slots that would connect to what the players are looking for.

With the advancement of technology, slot machine art has further tapped on the people’s interests by making themselves interactive. Thanks to the technology of touch screens, some slot artworks now move when people touch them, adding to the overall enjoyment of people who play the machines. You see, slots today don’t just offer enjoyment when people hit the jackpot. Today, slots offer entertainment in every step of the way by featuring entertaining artwork animations every time the spin button is pressed.

Ultimately, artwork will always be an integral part of the slot machine. Slots’ success will always be dictated not only by how enjoyable their game play aspect is but how enticing their artworks to patrons are as well.

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