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Mike Marlin ripped through last year being chosen as HMV ‘Next Big Thing’, releasing his debut album Nearly Man, touring the UK twice, singing disco with dwarves, smashing an office to pieces and vanishing for 3 months only to emerge triumphant with another 11 songs recorded in an undisclosed basement and mastered in Abbey Road. Now in 2012 Marlin looks to trump last years’ success with a European tour, second album, acoustic dates and film competition and that’s only the first half of the year.

01. How did you start playing music?

I started in the late seventies – playing bass in a number of bands, standing in the shadows saying little and singing less. I returned to music in 2009. This time with my own songs and my own voice.

02. Where did your name come from?

I was born ‘Mike’ – it was my grandfather’s name. I was looking for a new surname for a new career – something alliterative. I found myself sitting in a bar overlooking the sea in Jamaica when the contestants in a fishing contest came into the bar to celebrate. They had been fishing for Marlin. Google confirmed that there were almost no Marlins in the world. There is one on death row in Texas (I think).

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03. Who were your major influences and inspirations and who do you despise?

My major influences from the past are probably David Bowie, Lou Reed and Talking Heads and from the present Nick Cave, The National and anyone else prowling around the little explored baritone basement of music. I am sorry for nay sayers and slaves to fashion, but I don’t despise them.

04. What drove you to make music?

I have always written; music seems the most direct, immediate and emotionally loaded way to say what I want to say.

05. What can someone who has never seen you live before expect from your live shows then & possibly even now?

If it is an acoustic show, then expect to hear my songs; if it is the full band then expect to be pinned to the back wall!

06. What types of themes and subjects do you deal with?

My songs deal with life in all its absurdity; and death in all its inevitability. Experience counts for nothing but it is a useful song writing scrap heap and I cannot imagine writing a song without it.

07. How did your music evolved since you first began playing?

To start with I wanted to sound like other people; now I sound like me – for better or for worse.

08. What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

Were you been able to overcome this? If so, how? My biggest challenge was (and is) learning to be a front man at an age when most musicians have thousands of road miles under their belts. In my previous career I was always been the in the back room, plugging away. I write the songs, I sing them and I believe in them but stepping up to the microphone …..

09. Do you play covers?

If you could pick any song, which would you like to cover most and why? I have played and recorded the odd (literally odd) cover. My first single was a cover of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees, which came with a slightly disturbing video! I have also covered Beautiful Girl by INXS and I have just recorded a version of Theory of the Crows – one of my favourite songs – so it’s my pick.
10. Where did you envisage being in five years time?

I envisage being 5 albums in, playing all over the world to anyone who loves my music.

11. Who would you most like to record with?

David Bowie or Frank Sinatra.

12. What should we be expecting from you in the near future?

My second album “Man on the Ground” is released on February 13th. I am then on tour in March and April all over the UK and Europe with the Stranglers. I then have a small Marlin tour in May (yet to be booked). I will then record my 3rd album which will be release in February 2013.

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